Welcome to the Inside of My Brain

Welcome to the home of my thoughts, the threshold of my limitations and beliefs.

This is me:

University student. Lover of words and lover of light. Believer in God and integrity.

This blog stemmed from a class I am currently taking at school entitled “Writing and Mass Media.” The course is taught by best-selling author, Jeff Benedict, and will give me constant insight into the world of mass media and the wonderful people it carries. Several of my posts will be recaps of the workshops and forums held within the class, and will consist of my interpretations and opinions on such.

This is not, and will never be, your average “mommy blog.” I will not fill these virtual pages with fashion tips, food recipes, or intimate details of my day-to-day life.

This will, however, be a place of authenticity and vulnerability. I am here to somehow find the best version of myself, and work to become that person. I am here to share opinions, readings, insights, experiences, and thought. I am here to escape the world of a suffocating society and be simple. I am here to keep an open perspective, to see the views and ideas of all parties, to respect and encourage others to find what makes them happy, what draws them toward whatever power at be they believe in, to be seen, and to be highly imperfect. On this digital threshold, it is okay to be vulnerable. This is a safe place.

I am very religious, and as a result of such, my religious views will on occasion bleed into my words and my thoughts. But again, this is a place where discussion, opinion, and personality are welcome, so long as they are kind. I invite you to join me in trying to make sense of this world.

I am here to somehow escape the shackles of time. To have my voice and my heart carried out into the world for generations to devour. I am here, I suppose, to make magic possible.


One thought on “Welcome to the Inside of My Brain

  1. This is beautiful. I’m so excited to read what you have to say about the fori. 😉 Also, thank you for the inspiration. You’re a gem.


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