Hi! My name is Olivia Ekberg, and I welcome you to the home of my imagination.

When I was eight years old, I started this weird thing called synchronized swimming. No one had ever heard of it, and it was always that strange sport in the Olympics where the girls put jello in their hair and somehow made their makeup stay on underwater. But the best part? dancing in the water. I was completely enthralled, and I actually had a natural talent. Ten years later, I found myself on the the 2015 World Championship Team, representing the United States of America across the globe and in various capacities. I was that girl with the jello in her hair doing the sport no one knew of, but I loved it.

Right after Worlds, I tackled some health problems and found myself hanging up my noseclip and stepping into the vast unknown of “normal life.” I faced a diagnosis of “conversion disorder,” where my body will react physically to the emotional trauma and anxiety I had experienced in my life thus far. In my case, I experience seizure-like symptoms. I was told I needed to rewire my thought processes and learn to let go of my death-grip on perfectionism, the very thing that drove me over the edge, and learn to think again.

The process of rediscovery and learning to accept imperfection and limitations is a road I am still on today, but I am ever growing, ever learning. This is the place I share my journey, my thoughts, and my experiences. I do not do so to be seen high in the eyes of men, but rather, to possibly touch one soul that is as lonely as I once was. Perfectionism is an epidemic in our society today, let’s tackle it together.

I am here to find the best version of myself. Join me, let’s be friends!